Barbados Entertainers being Streamed to the World

BEAT is pleased to announce that it will be streaming LIVE @ OISTINS, a series of concerts showcasing Barbadian talent to the world. BEAT has entered into a strategic partnership with Telebarbados and Caribbean Webcast Inc, which will provide the technology and capability to enable these shows to be viewed online around the world. These live shows are being produced for the enjoyment of both Barbadians and visitors alike. The shows are intended to be family friendly and offer performances by Youth, the Creative Community, Aspiring Artists, and Established Artists.

BEAT is on a mission to bring Artist and Audience together and to give Talent an Opportunity. Live at Oistins is being produced by an alliance of Barbadian Entertainers, Artists & Technicians. (B.E.A.T.) These shows will enable Barbadian Artists to play for a live audience at the venue and to be viewed around the world online.

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  1. akiliah19 says:

    hi my name is kibibi greenidge, i performed at the first beat live @ oistins and i was wondering if i can join the beat production not only as a entertainer but also to help promote your business and also to help with fans.....

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