Jim McGowan of Beat Barbados


Jim is an avid music lover and supporter of the creative arts. As a songwriter he has been involved in creating studios and recording for many years.

Jim has recently completed the design and development of a multi-media studio that provides for video capture facilities along with Pro-Tools based audio recording. The studio is now a hub for Recording, Rehearsals and Video Showcasing via the web.

Jim brings to BEAT|studio a wealth of experience and technical capability for the production of both audio and video.

Tamara Marshall


Tamara has long been recognized as one of the top female vocalists and gifted performers in Barbados. She has aptly been dubbed “The Diva of Diversity”. Whether Tamara lends her voice to Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Broadway, Reggae, Rock, Contemporary Opera or Calypso, she exudes an amazing mastery of musical styles and genres.

Tamara was the recipient of a Cornerstone Award at The Barbados Music Awards in 2008.

Tamara has also been selected by Richard Stoute to be honored during his Talent Search Program this year - 2010

Tamara brings to BEAT|records a great wealth of expertise: incredible vocals; a gifted songwriter; a talented producer; and many years of experience as an inspiring performer. Tamara will be responsible for oversight of Recording and Production for the BEAT label.