For fans and supporters of the the CREATIVE ARTS

"Fans" membership is for any and everyone who would like to see the development of Entertainment and the Arts as a vibrant and viable industry for Barbados

The cost for a "FANS" membership is:   $50 US per year - (for Barbadians and Residents with a Barbados ID card...the fee is $50 the BEAT booth during "LIVE @ OISTINS")

To join online as a "FANS" member is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Send an email using the form below to receive your "fans" registration form
  2. Send us a reply with the registration form attached and to make arrangements for your payment
  3. On receipt and confirmation of your payment you will be issued your "FRIENDS - membership card" and your "BEAT|web -backstage pass"
  • your "FANS - membership card" will give you access to the opportunities, benefits and discounts that are being made available to members
  • your "BEAT|web -backstage pass" will grant you entry through the backstage door on the BEAT website, providing you access to special "behind-the-scenes" content and information that is hidden and available for "members only"