"FRIENDS" Membership is reserved for Volunteers only and is FREE

Special Status is granted to these members as they willingly "lend-us-a-hand" and voluntarily give of their time and skills to help facilitate the "movement" of developing our entertainment and cultural industry

To become a "FRIENDS" member is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Fill in the form below to be placed on the "volunteers needed" mail list
  2. Send us a reply making a commitment to any project or event notification
  3. Complete your first voluntary task and you will receive your "FRIENDS - membership card" and your "BEAT|web -backstage pass"

  • your "FRIENDS - membership card" will give you access to the opportunities, benefits and discounts that are being made available to members
  • your "BEAT|web -backstage pass" will grant you entry through the backstage door on our website, providing you access to special "behind-the-scenes" content and information hidden and available for members only

Whatever level of skills, talents and abilities you have  can all can be put to good use. There is much to be done and we are thankful for your help in the achievement of a collective mission - making entertainment and culture a vibrant and viable industry for Barbados

Please Fill in the form below if you would like to join our Volunteers mail list and for the chance to become a distinguished "Friends" member. - Please be sure to tell us about any specific skills or talents that you would like to offer and make available

WE look forward to working with you soon!!! -  The BEAT|team