Industry Pro

"Industry Pro" Membership is reserved for Barbadian Entertainers, Artists and Technicians. This category is exclusive to Industry Professionals who work within the entertainment and cultural industry in Barbados and who earn their living from their craft, creativity, talent and skill on a full time basis. is dedicated to showcasing Barbadian Talent to the world. A presence on this site offers Bajan Artists a great way to be seen, discovered and promoted.

Industry Pro Membership costs:   $100 BDS per year


Your BEAT Industry Pro Membership package includes:

  • Backstage Pass on
  • BEAT Pro Mail - insider notices of upcoming events and opportunities
  • BEAT Newsletters
  • BEAT members T-shirt
  • BEAT membership card

Backstage Door will open for Members Only



Log in as an Industry Pro Member and you can submit your breaking News, upcoming Events, Videos and your Music can be made available for sale as a digital download and BEAT can also put it in our publishing page to promote placement in Movies, TV, ads etc.

Backstage Access requires logging in with a username and password to open the Backstage Door - an area of the site with premium content restricted to BEAT members only

As members Barbadian Artists can also submit pics and a bio for BEAT to create an Artist Profile - profiles can contain direct links to your website, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter pages.