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Please check our web site (www.beatbarbados.com) to verify the latest License Terms.

beatbarbados.com offers music licensing under two different license types:

The Standard License or the Mass Market License.

Standard License:

Grants permission for most commercial uses. Includes Synchronization (“Sync License”), products for sale or give away up to 5,000 copies, use on web site (one site)*, internet video (YouTube,MySpace, Google Video, MetaCafe etc), corporate video/presentation, educational, shareware/freeware game, single location music-on-hold, trade show/presentation, podcast, student film and film festivals.

You may sell up to 5,000 physical products or downloadable products that contain the music. You may broadcast the audio on local and regional radio/TV (up to 200 miles/320 km radius). The license lasts In Perpetuity and the territory is the World.

Mass Market License:

This is a license for Mass Market use. It includes Synchronization (“Sync License”), all rights included in the Standard License, in addition to national and world wide radio/TV broadcast, multiple location music-on-hold, multiple web sites (although not in a “website template”), reproduction of an unlimited number of items for sale or give-away, and Theatrical Release. The license lasts In Perpetuity and the territory is the World.

Dos & DONTs for the BEAT|publishing catalog:


1. Even under the Mass Market License, the trading of the music itself is strictly prohibited: you may not trade in the music, i.e. sell it as a music track; include it on a music CD for sale; offer it for sale or licensing via a web site; or any other means of trading in the music as a music product

2. Our music may not be integrated into a Website Template: you may not include our music in a Website Template which is subsequently offered for sale to multiple end-users. You may however use our music in a unique website, for one client, that you build specifically for a (one) client

3. The creation of derivative works is forbidden: beatbarbados.com does not permit persons to create derivative works of our music. If you are a musician, music producer, songwriter, composer, singer etc, you cannot use our music by adding your own voice/instruments, and then treat this as your own music. This new music would be partially built on our music, and this is known as "creating derived works" which is not allowed under ANY license type


You are however allowed to use our music as background music and add your voice over the music in products such as healing/meditation tapes, self-help tapes, audio books and similar products. Here, even though you have added your voice over the music, you have not created new music based on our music - you have not created derived musical works, so these types of uses are permitted

Note on UK based websites:

The PRS (Performance Rights Society) in the UK now collects broadcasting fees from UK companies using music on UK web sites. This means that even if you buy a license from us, you also need to buy an Online License from PRS in order to use music on your site. This applies to all music composed by any composer who is a member of any performance rights society worldwide, which includes most of our composers. The PRS Online license typically costs £50 per year and you can obtain this license by filling in the form “PRS Online License – Information Supply Form” which you can obtain by emailing: Email

This only applies to persons or businesses in the United Kingdom using music on UK web sites.

Also, even if you are using music on a UK based web site, you may still avoid PRS fees by using music composed by those of our composers who have agree to provide it as royalty free.

(See http://www.beatbarbados.com/completely_royalty_free.html).

Note on German trade shows:

In Germany the organization GEMA collects money from businesses playing music in public at trade fairs. Typically in most of the world, the venue would already have a license which covers the companies that display at the trade shows, but in Germany there are some occasions where it is the company that has the booth where music is played, that has to pay a GEMA fee. This fee is typically €30 per day to play music from a big screen at your booth. To completely avoid any chance of having to pay a GEMA fee when playing music at a German trade show, you can use music by those of our composers who have agreed to provide it as royalty free. (See http://www.beatbarbados.com/royalty_free.html).

About giving away our music on custom label CDs:

Whether you buy the Standard or the Mass Market License, the license is for one company or person to use our music within their own media, such as web site, film, advertisement, animation, game, etc. It is not a license to simply duplicate our music as it is. We are sometimes asked whether it is acceptable to license music from us, put that music on a music CD, and sell or give away that CD as a promotional gift. The answer to this is:

• If you are creating a music CD to give away for free as a promotional gift (for example, you want to include a free music CD as a bonus gift to somebody who buys a product from you, or just as a gift to your clients), this use is not covered under our Standard License or Mass Market License. Such use comes under the giveaway promotions license, which is detailed on the giveaway promotions license page: http://www.beatbarbados/publishing com/giveaway-promotions.html

• If you add your voice over the music (say, a therapy CD or self-help CD with spoken words mixed over the music), this is okay under our Standard License or Mass Market License.

Broadcasting and cue-sheets:

Most (not all) of our composers are members of Performance Rights Organizations (PRO's). Whenever their music is broadcast on TV or radio, the user is required to fill out and submit a cue-sheet to the broadcasting company along with details regarding film/program. This represents no additional cost, neither to user, nor to the broadcaster, but it is very important to our composers. If you want to know more about this, please read our notes about cue sheets and public performance:


YouTube, MySpace, Google Video and similar video sites: You are welcome to use our music in videos and post the videos to sites like this, and you only need our Standard License to do this. Please include music credits (Track title, Composer, Publisher, Courtesy of www.beatbarbados.com) in the 'more info' text area when you upload your video to YouTube,Vevo, and related sites.

Flash games and other freeware/shareware online games:

Several games are being developed today which are free to play, but are Ad-sponsored and thus somewhat commercial even though they are not “sold” directly to the playing public. The license type required by these games depends on the amount of Ad revenue or sponsorship earned by the game. A game with income of up to USD 750 (or equivalent in other currency) needs only our Standard License. A game with income of more than USD 750. (or equivalent in other currency) needs our Mass Market License. If you are unable to detemine how much revenue your game will make, you can start with the Standard Licensee, and then come back and upgrade to the Mass Market

License if and when necessary. (Click “add to cart” on the product and then choose the “Upgrade” option).

Editing/changing the music:

You may edit our music (fade, crop, cut, stretch, loop) etc. to fit your required cue lengths. You may however not use our music as a basis on which to create new music. (See “You may not create derived works” above).


Except where practically impossible or unfeasible, the composer shall always have a credit for his work. Crediting beatbarbados.com is not required, but appreciated.


We take our customers and users’ privacy seriously. At no time will your personal details or e-mail address be shared with any other company. As a new customer, you will be added to our own internal mailing list for our monthly music newsletter. This newsletter can easily be unsubscribed from, by following simple instructions included in each newsletter. We only hold details of our customers' e-mail address, shipping address and telephone number. At BEAT|barbados we are not granted access to view any financial data such as credit card numbers. These are gathered and processed by our e-commerce partners PayPal or WorldPay. For information regarding their privacy policies, please refer to their websites.

Refund policy:

After you have placed an order, you may cancel any item that you have not yet downloaded and get a refund. If you wish to cancel a purchase of one or more items, simply use the cancellationprocess described in the email that is automatically sent to you when you place an order. This must be done before the product is downloaded.

Like other shops that sell downloadable products, we do not refund or exchange any product that has been downloaded. Once the download has taken place, the purchase is final.

Representation and Warranties:

beatbarbados.com represent and warrant that we are the lawful licensor or agent of licensor of the music and have the full right and authority to enter into this Agreement, and to grant you all of the rights and licenses herein granted.

Disclaimer of consequential damages:

beatbarbados.com are under no circumstances liable for any damages, consequential or incidental, arising out of the use of the audio or inability to use the audio including without limitation, computer failure, work stoppage or any other damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Because some states and countries do not allow the exclusion for limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitation may not apply to you.

Limitation on liability:

beatbarbados.com's liability shall in NO event exceed the actual price paid for the license. If you have any questions on how you may or may not use our music, please contact us:



Web site: http://www.beatbarbados.com – Email: Email

Tel. (246) 428-6814


Web site: http://www.beatbarbados.com – Email: Email

Tel. (246) 428-6814