Publish with BEAT


BEAT publishing has been established to meet the needs of our many talented Barbadian Songwriters. We recognize there is an abundance of great songs & great music that has been created and new songs are being written almost everyday in Barbados

At BEAT we also see a lost income opportunity for our Barbadian Songwriters. The publishing side of the music business, where the placement and licensing of  songs can provide an extra income for the creators and rights owners, is not being fully accessed

Publishing in the music business can be quite technical and time consuming. To self publish and own the intellectual property rights to ones songs is great in theory, however if in practice there is no vehicle to present, promote and ultimately to monetize these creative works, then a potential income stream is lost to the creator

This is where BEAT publishing can be of help to you. We are providing a service that brings together the works of many Songwriters and Rights Owners and will promote this catalog here on our website, along with support from our knowledgeable publishing team

BEAT publishing aims to give our many Songwriters the opportunity to remain focused on their creativity - while we handle the business  side - ultimately with a goal to increase earnings for us both