Q: What is the difference between BEAT acting as my Publisher or BEAT acting as a Broker?

A: If you choose to Publish with BEAT will have put in place a contract with you that assigns the right to represent your material to BEAT, and we

Q: As a publisher are you only dealing with completed and recorded songs
A: Yes and we will be very selective in our choice of the Artists and Songs that we put online. To maintain our credibility and to attract and retain industry professionals using our site, it is imperative that only great songs with professional quality recordings are presented

Q: Will I be notified before you place or license my song?

A: Yes if we are acting as your broker - and No if have come to an arrangement to be your publisher.

, then you will have assigned the right to place Yes you will be contacted and we will broker the negotiations between the rights owner and the entity seeking to use the song. We will also issue the proper contracts and collect the monies on your behalf. In either event you will be notified and we will broker the arrangement.

Q: What types of licenses are you offering?
A: The two most common types of licenses offer are: – use of the master recording, or placement of the song. When your track is made available online, there may be an interest in using the master recording, or an A & R person may like the song and wish to have it re-recorded by another Artist.

Q: If I have already filled out the split forms and submitted them to my PRO (PRS, Coscap, Ascap etc.), why do I still have to submit them to BEAT?

A: You will need to do this in order for us to accept and post the song. We will only represent songs and recordings that have been properly registered to be sure that all involved in the creation of the song will be rewarded.



Q: Can I submit lyrics for a song, or some beats I have been working on for placement with a BEAT artist or track.

A: We welcome creativity and are here to encourage the development of songs and artists. Accordingly we will give consideration to submissions, however until the songs have fully developed and have been recorded to our standards, they cannot be made available on line.

Q: Can I submit ring tones or a library of loops?

Q: I have a demo recording of a really cool song I recorded on my laptop – not in a studio – I think it needs a better vocalist and a guitar solo, can I still submit this song?

A: Beat can assist in sourcing talent for your demos. Our database of members comprises a wide range of artistes of various genres.

Q: Can anybody submit a song to be posted or is there a panel or process for approval before it is uploaded. What happens if you don’t accept my song?

A: There is a panel assembled, which reviews all submitted works, to ensure that a high quality of sound and content is maintained, and that there are no explicit or offensive lyrics. Notification will be given via e-mail, should your song be declined. Beat does not share its content with external parties, and so your work shall remain private.

Q: If I upload my song, does that mean that BEAT is automatically the publisher and do I still have the right to place my song elsewhere.

A: As a Beat|member, you are entitled to upload songs. This does not mean that you are surrendering your rights as owner of said songs. Should your wish to submit your work for consideration by Beat, with regards to handling your Publishing, contact us at Email